Wednesday, December 12, 2012

#30 - The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957)

This film is about British and American soldiers captured by the Japanese during WWII who uses them as prisoner’s of war to build a bridge in Thailand. The British general at first doesn’t cooperate so the Japanese general throws him in a tiny prison box as a form of isolation torture. The Japanese officers try to force the British soldiers to work, but they don’t cooperate and continually try to sabotage the bridge and the Japanese general can’t kill them because WHO WILL BUILD THE BRIDGE? Meanwhile an American escapes and lives it up in a beach far away with a random blonde girl. Progress isn’t happening so the Japanese general finally lets the British general out (who is a total Type-A Brit). The perfectionist British general runs a tight ship and makes his soldiers build a perfect bridge, as more of an homage to British soldiers then to help the enemy. Meanwhile British intelligence finds the escaped American and forces him to go back with a small team and blow up that bridge!

The last 40 minutes is extremely extremely suspenseful as the infiltration team wire up the bridge as the imprisoned soldiers are celebrating it’s completion. As the sun comes up they wait for the perfect time to blow it up before the scheduled train comes, but then the British general sees the wires and follows it (in the dark about the plan) to the blasting lever thingy (what are they called?) He tries to stop everyone from destroying the bridge he laboured so hard to create even though it’s for the enemy!? In the end he gets everyone killed and once he realizes what he must do (AND HOW ROYALLY HE SCREWED UP) he uses his dying strength to collapse to death on the lever blowing up the bridge later then planned causing the train that is crossing over it to fall with it killing many people and causing a huge huge mess.


Yo, the British General is Alec Guinness a.k.a Obi-Wan Kenobi 


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